Every successful company has a clear vision of what they do and where they are going. We specialise in this type of Organisational Development.

Typically, we will consult with you and your staff to put together a clear vision for the future, and a mission statement that your people will relate to and which conveys what you actually do so that there is no confusion.

We also work with you to identify your company values and the key behaviours you want to see in your people.

If you translate these into your Recruitment and Performance Management System then your staff will become closer to the business.

We are not Investors in People for nothing!


According to Take That, “Everything Changes” – and we believe this is

At People Matters, we have tons of experience of managing change,
whether it’s redundancy, restructure, TUPE or acquisitions.

Our clients always bear witness to how well we communicate with them
and their people, how we help them plan and undertake changes and that
we make the change process easy for them.

For People Matters, this is a source of pride and a regular response to our
clients’ needs.

People Matters is one of the only registered and accredited Investors in People Associates in the Country, we can help you to build your strategy towards achieving the standard for people management, not because you want a badge, because you want to run your business effectively. The standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results