There is simply no point in having a clear business strategy, mission and vision unless it improves the performance of your people and achieves the company’s business objectives.

Equally, there is no point in only the directors knowing it. So, it’s really important to communicate with your team.

This can be done through your team meetings, employee engagement groups, posters, emails, forums and one-to-ones. But, how do you ensure that everyone understands where they as individuals fit in and how they can do their bit to achieve your business goals?

Performance appraisal is the answer here. Unfortunately, our experiences show that many people put off appraisals because they think they are time-consuming, or that their staff already know how they are going to do in them.

We challenge this view. One of the great human desires is for obtaining feedback.

We will help you with all your performance management issues, creating bespoke processes for you and your staff to help to develop your organisation and your people for growth.

Consider these questions…

  • How do you know how you are doing, without getting feedback?

  • How can you improve and what are you good at?

  • Are there things you think could be improved?

  • What opportunities are there?

  • Have you told your boss how you see the future?

  • Has your boss told you?

  • How do you know you are doing the right thing?

  • How do you know what the company wants you to do?

  • How do you fit into the grand scheme of things?

These are all simple questions. But how do you get there without having a performance development appraisal system? We can help you develop your own, to use again and again.