People Matters HR and The Team

At People Matters HR help clients develop, happy, resourceful and profitable teams, we will help you boost profits by Developing and Managing your people for growth.

People Matters was founded in 2011 by Niel Cope. The company aims to make a real difference in developing people in business. Our values state that we are ethical an moral, we want our clients to succeed in business by getting the very best out of the people they employ.

Niel Cope

Managing Director

Niel Cope has developed people and organisations for over 25 years. Niel has strategic experience in private, public and charitable sectors.

Niel has an MA in Strategic HR Management, a Post Graduate qualification in Law and HR Development, and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development (CIPD) and the Chartered Management Institute.

John Doyle

Coach and Mentor

John specialises in improved performance, managing change, business growth and dealing with organisational stress and baggage. John was one of the youngest and longest-serving Chief Fire Officers, delivering exceptional transformation. John is an imaginative, thought-provoking strategist and a tactician who will assist clients in delivering change.

Peter Ravenscroft

Director of Technology

Peter has built a career managing teams in varied and diverse sectors including call centers and software development teams. Peter is a strategically minded leader who links his people management experience with his technical knowledge to manage change and deliver business growth.

Yvonne Cope

Resources Director

Yvonne runs the “engine room” at People Matters, keeping everyone in order and ensuring the business runs smoothly. She is responsible for all financial and administrative matters, and drafts staff handbooks and employment contracts.

Helen Brown

HR Consultant

Helen is also CIPD qualified, along with qualifications in Management and has more than 20 years in HR. As well as working with People Matters, Helen also runs her own small business with her husband so understands what challenges SMEs face today. She brings her HR consultancy experience from a practical and sound base with an authentic business approach.

Jo Preece

HR Consultant

Jo Preece is also CIPD qualified with extensive experience in HR best practice within a variety of industries and companies. These include RBS, First Choice Airways, Fujitsu, Romec and Robert Wiseman Davies.

Aileen Lockhart