How can you find out what you don’t know, but more importantly what you need to focus on? You will receive an independent diagnosis of the challenges and issues you are facing. We give you solutions to bring your people and your strategy. The result will be effective performance management that aligns your vision, values, strategy, tactics to achieve your goals.

Business Challenges
  • Many companies effectively “Play Chicken” with their corporate responsibilities. Burt this approach can easily result in legislative or financial compromise and companies run the risk of penalties or even business failure.
  • There may be underperformance, sickness absence issues, or you just can’t seem to get the right people, particularly those who put the customer first. Others may not have your level of commitment and you need them to “go the extra mile”.
  • You know you need to change but are unsure how to do this for the right results. Running a successful, profitable company isn’t easy and there can be many other concerns like capacity, capability, competence or even stress and anxiety.
  • Whatever the problem or challenge, you need independent, objective and professional advice.
The Solution
  • We work closely with your team to undertake a Diagnostic of the business and provide an objective, accurate and independent assessment of your company’s risks and people development requirements.
  • We give you solutions and in many cases this brings your people and your strategy together with an effective performance management structure so that everyone is engaged with your vision, values, strategy, and tactics to achieve these goals.
  • We produce a high -quality, detailed report identifying the issues and possiblesolutions. We take you through the report to fully explain the reasoning, rationale, methodology of the content and approach and we can also make a presentation on this to your key people.
  • This report gives you a clear understanding of where you are as a business, and how to take the company forward to success. If you then want to engage People Matters, the report costs will be discounted against your first three invoices.

Business Diagnostic

I know in detail what my company does.
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This may seem like a silly question but you'd be amazed at how often people don't have a clear view of this.

I have a clear vision of where my company is headed.
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Successful leaders have clear goals for their business. Do you?

My organisations values are clearly defined
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An organisations value are a public statement, giving employees and customers alike a clear idea of what makes a business tick.

My people clearly understand my companies goals and values.
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Having goals and values is of little value if they are not communicated or your people don't buy in.

I have a firm grasp of performance management best practice.
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People are the at the core of any business. Getting the best out of them will have significant impact on your bottom line.

I am aware of how the people in my organisation feel about the company and senior management.
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Employee engagement is a key element of business growth that is often neglected.