Audiology ( Hearing Test )

Audiometry testing is mandatory for all employees regularly working above an upper exposure action value (Noise hazard area). You may also wish to consider testing employees who have additional risk factors, such as existing hearing loss and for those working in areas/roles where good hearing is considered essential to an individual’s or others health and safety. For new employees, testing should be carried out initially as soon as they accept an offer of employment in order to determine if the individual has any pre-existing hearing issues. Early knowledge of a pre-existing problem can be vital enabling prompt remedial action and minimise future liability.

If you are not sure if your employees are exposed to a noise hazard, Phoenix Occupational Health can recommend an occupational hygienist to conduct a noise survey.

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In accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations (2005) the Action Levels are:

Lower Exposure Action Value – 80dB(A)

  • Provide information instruction and training for employees
  • Provision of EAR protectors for those who request them

Exposure Limit Value – 87dB(A)

  • Hearing Protection Zones must be clearly identified
  • Access is to be restricted

Upper Exposure Action Value – 85dB(A)

  • Obligation on employer to reduce noise levels below 85dB(A)
  • Provide ear protectors for all those exposed
  • Ensure ear protection is worn
  • Employees have a duty to wear ear protectors

Working with Phoenix Occupational Health will allow you to:

  • comply with The Control of Work Regulations (2005);
  • fulfill your hearing protection/noise reduction programme;
  • detect any early noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) amongst your employees; and
  • reduce the risk of civil claims for noise induced hearing loss.

You can find the latest Noise at Work regulations here